Ultra-Light & Small 126-Piece First Aid Kit
Ultra-Light & Small 126-Piece First Aid Kit
Ultra-Light & Small 126-Piece First Aid Kit

Ultra-Light & Small 126-Piece First Aid Kit

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  • ESSENTIAL FIRST-AID KIT - At home or on the road, our convenient first aid kits will help out in any emergency. This compact first aid kit includes: Ibuprofen tablets, non-aspirin tablets,  antibiotic ointment packs, burn cream packs, insect relief pads packs and hydrocortisone.

  • SAFETY ON-THE-GO – You never know when you’ll find yourself in an emergency, which is why our first aid kit for car or first aid kit home is designed to give you peace of mind with all the necessary supplies you need in any given situation

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE – This emergency first aid kit weighs just over a pound and is the perfect size for outdoor activities including hiking, backpacking, or camping. You can also store this kit in the glove compartment of your vehicle of in your office desk drawer.

  • PRACTICAL SURVIVAL KIT – Our first aid kit emergency survival kit is packed and organized with unique items including a compass, facemask, gloves, and a rescue whistle in case you need additional supplies while waiting for help if you’re stranded in a car or out in the wild.

  • SPECIAL BONUS ITEM – When you purchase our road trip emergency kit, you’ll also receive an exclusive hammer tool that can make all the difference in an automobile or truck emergency. Store it under your seat or in your main console where you can access it to quickly cut a seatbelt or break a window.

Are you prepared for the unexpected? This ultra-compact and all-in-one small emergency first aid kit is designed to bring you peace of mind and to help you out in any kind of emergency. From the smallest band aids and tweezers, to a CPR face mask and disposable gloves, this 126-piece kit covers all the essentials plus more. Our kit first aid comes in a sturdy, compressed bag and are perfect gifts for new car owners or homebuyers.

Selection of Bandages:

  • Abdominal bandage (1)
  • Adhesive bandage, extra large (5)
  • Adhesive bandage, standard size (25)
  • Adhesive bandage, for knuckles (4)
  • Adhesive bandage, for fingertips (4)
  • Triangular bandages (1)
  • Elastic conforming bandage 5cm x 3.6m (1)

First Aid Items:

  • Alcohol prep pads (10)
  • Povidone-Iodine prep pad (5)
  • Antiseptic cleansing wipes (6)
  • Cold compress, disposable (1)
  • Cotton tip applicator (10)
  • Metal tweezers (1)
  • Moleskin blister relief pad (1)
  • Butterfly closure strips (6)
  • CPR face mask (1)
  • First aid tape (1)
  • Vinyl gloves, disposable (2)


  • 5 x Ibuprofen tablets
  • 5 x Non-aspirin tablets
  • 5 x Antibiotic ointment packs
  • 3 x Burn cream packs
  • 3 x Insect relief pads packs
  • Hydrocortisone

Survival Items: 

  • Compass (1)
  • Emergency blanket (1)
  • Emergency hammer (1)
  • Gauze pad, sterile (3)
  • Poncho (1)
  • Glow stick (2)
  • Rescue whistle (1)

Extra Items: 

  • Sewing kit (1)
  • Safety pins (4)
  • Scissors (1)
  • Razor blade (1)


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